Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting high on my own supply by SAB_ONE

never get high on your own supply ?

ya ill pass..i love biggie but he was wrong on that one between filling customer orders and favors for friends i like to bust out a pair for myself every once and a while.

i know alot of people don't like the spizike because its not an actual numbered jordan ..but save that shit for the hypebeasts ..i love these things ..kings grey..stealth's know the deal .. so i copped the mars blackmons sometime last year and i literally wore um once ..for some reason they looked better on the finish line wall then they did on my feet.

after icing them for a good year or so i decided i wanted to paint them ..but what to do ..being that i love the cement colorway ..and i was never happy with the white or black cement spizikes it was no brainier ..i do my own i basically mirrored the retro cement 3 colorway that dropped on black Friday that I'm sure everyone is either familiar with or owns a pair or two.

as you cant already tell these aren't making my web store ..there for me.. and I'm fully aware of the fake comments and the hate from all these newly minted sneakerheads but for everyone else who enjoys my work... thanks for checking it out and if ya have a pair of spizikes ya want flipped let me know .. SAB_ONE



  1. Jesus, these are awesome. Just saw these on Sneakernews, and I might have to get you to do a pair of these for me...