Sunday, October 30, 2011

7ave custom jordan one

old traditions die hard here in Boston .. so they say. Since my few decades living in the Boston area nothing has stayed the same. Expressways disappeared, gardens demolished, roads reworked and re-named. So to say that i am surprised that they are turing the ave into a walkway would be a stretch on my part.

The place I'm talking about goes by a few names depending on how old you are , we called it the ave or 7ave and before that they called it cats alley. If you wanna get technical its actually a part of Curtis st. The Ave is about 3 blocks of abandon freight line tracks that used to run the length of east Boston ending at the old docks at jefferies point.
Way before i even thought about writ ting ( or tagging ) we were down here checking out the pieces and idolizing the older kids that in our eyes ..were just straight killing shit. After running threw a handful of names and monikers. my cousin and the dictionary helped cement my name. The same name i use today.

I'm sure to the city this place is just an eyesore but to me this place is where it all started.i was a 2 min walk from my house almost a second home.If it wasn't for this place i wouldn't be doing the type of art I'm doing today. I always had a artist streak even before diving into graffiti. i was drawing superheros and my favorite sports stars, but this was more of a lifestyle than a hobby. we had crews, mapped out productions, met new artists , had an occasional beef, it was what we did and early on that's what defined us. In a perfect world they would leave a few walls alone and turn a blind eye to the occasional backpack carrying artists making there way down there, but i know its not going down like that. I'm no fortune teller but I would bet my left arm that police patrols, yuppie dog walkers and transplanted joggers lay in the future for this place.

So the trees have been cut, walls demolished, rail ties have been pulled, the tracks are up and the no trespassing signs are prevalent and in your face. theres no going back. I know with all the gentrification going on in eastie this place had a bulls eye on it for a while. With my every few months trips down there tossing up my little throwies and taking flicks I see less and less new stuff ..i guess the new gen see it different why go out and risk arrest when you can find a legal wall ..or do a large canvas and blast it around every social networking site and get 10x the exposure and none of the risk. that's all fine and good but i still get a rush from hopping fences and being in places where i know I'm not supposed to be, preferably with a bag full of paint.

So when one of my old painting partners girl hit me up to do a pair of kicks for him. I knew exactly what i wanted to do.. pay a homage to place where it all started . the concept was rotting and rusted walls covered in our old names and old styles almost like we threw up our stuff as 16 year old punks and no one ever went over it. The base was a jordan 1 from the colors pack ..with all the rust and faded aesthetic i had goin on i topped it off with a clean pair of supreme lace locks to give it a little pop.

The ave isn't dead yet i still have a few roller pieces up my sleeve and a little more documentation to do ..but the place i knew is gone and it aint coming back.. i kinda excepted it they say good things never last