Monday, June 25, 2012

Weatherman LBJ 9

So what do ya get when you put LBJ and KD together ..the finals >?? naw the LBJ weathermans ..corny i know ...haha..i actually started these way before the Heat took my C's so it was just a coincidence that it played out like this


So im sure most people will disagree with me but in my honest opinion the KD 4 has had the most thought out and original colorways right now in the game. I mean who would of thought a Nerf collaboration would ever work with a sneaker. Now you cant touch them unless you wanna drop a stack or two.


The Weathermans are sick hats off to the designer who thought to probe into KD's childhood aspiration's to come up with a theme, but i always felt that the theme really needed a high top top to fully show it off here it is.

These particular ones are not for sale but i will replicate them so any and all inquiry's should be via email -

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